South Perry Business & Neighborhood Association (SPBNA)
Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month
Deb Conklin


This district has a very active Events Committee that puts on many festivals and celebrations throughout the year. Please go the South Perry Street Fair Facebook page facebook.com/southperry for more information.

South Perry Business & Neighborhood Association:

The South Perry district became one of the City of Spokane's fist Centers & Corridors Pilot Projects in November of 2001. Since then, the district has undergone the neighborhood land use and zoning planning process with the Planning Department and as funding is secured projects are being implemented.

Typically, business district revitalization occurs slowly (10-20yrs); however, this district has seen significant change with both public and private physical improvements occurring simultaneously within the first 7 years. The Hoxsey Block has undergone a fa├žade improvement with the assistance of the Historic Preservation. The old Excell Grocery has become the new Hico village type development on the north end of the district. And, with NBC's assistance this district is nearing the completion of Phase 2 of their Perry Streetscape improvements. This leaves only a small phase left to complete (7th-8th east side of Perry). The streetscape improvements so far total over $900,000 in Federal Transportation Enhancement (TE) funds, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds and Spokane Transit Authority (STA) funds.

This district houses a year round farmers market on Thursdays

Photos from the Perry Business Center