Final Draft UDSC Investment Strategy Document Available! See the Resources Section

South University District-Sprague Corridor Investment Strategy

This document is the result of the community process that kicked off last September. The preferred alternatives and implementation strategies represent Phase I of the UDSC project. It is a starting point and guide to move forward on a reconfiguration of Sprague Corridor and streetscape enhancements, as well as next steps for encouraging new development in the South University District. Thank you for all the hard work and contributions of the Advisory Team and citizens who participated in the project! T

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Project Initiation

The City of Spokane Monroe streetreceived a $150,000 stimulus grant aimed at creating a green, transit-oriented land use and transportation plan for the Sprague Corridor (Browne to Fiske). Partnering with Spokane County, the project focuses on innovative approaches to state goals of reduction in vehicle miles traveled and greenhouse gas emissions.


The East Sprague Monroe streetRedevelopment Study Phase I will look at Complete Streets concepts to support bike, pedestrian, and transit use, infrastructure needs to encourage redevelopment, land use, and design concepts. The city is also partnering with STA for transit issues and Spokane Regional Health District to study health impacts. The two year Sprague project will build on two other public improvements in the University District, the Bike/Ped Bridge and Division Gateway Corridor and will include an active public participation process.

The grant also Monroe streetcontinues funding for the successful Growth Transportation Efficiency Center (GTEC) outreach program headed by Spokane County. This program encourages participation in commute trip reduction in Downtown and University District and seeks to overcome barriers to alternative transportation. The city is currently forming an interdisciplinary team for the Sprague Corridor.


The project area links Downtown, the University District, Spokane International District, and East Central Neighborhood, bringing many stakeholders together. The Sprague Corridor serves as a major arterial connecting east and west and planning is currently underway to design a bicycle-pedestrian bridge and the Division Gateway Corridor to link the the Sprague Corridor to Riverpoint Campus and the northern University District.